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Bavarians in Paradise

We are in Munich, where my husband grew up,  for two weeks to see friends and family.  Most tourists to this town land right in the middle of Marienplatz and, after watching the figurines come out of the Glockenspiel (clock tower) to perform two stories from the 16th century, every hour on the hour, they head on over to the Hofbräuhaus.  They go to Hofbräuhaus ostensibly to get a stein -- or five steins -- of beer, although tourists of the hetero male persuasion are just kidding you about the beer (which they can drink elsewhere); they actually want to see just how high and crushed together a dirndl with appropriate bra can set a pair of huge breasts.  There the tourists may also eat not-particularly-good food, and then they can go home and say that Munich is full of big-breasted women serving beer and fatty sausages.  And they all feel like they know Bavaria.

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