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The Emperor’s New Clothes of Travel

My friends Seth and Jenny and family are living in Rome for the year and we get to see them this week in Munich.  It is fun to show them a city that we know well, although of course there is the pressure of wanting everything to be perfect, and it never is.  For example we took them to a “wonderful” Greek restaurant little knowing that the owners moved back to Greece two years ago and that the restaurant under the current owners bears no resemblance.  Ah well.  But we really want to hear about their initial experiences in Rome and see again what people look like when they are excited but also rested. 

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No Cheese? Pul-eeze!

A friend of mine, who is American, lives in France and is married to a Frenchman.  Her husband says that if he ever hears one more French person living in the U.S. complain that they cannot find good cheese to eat, so they’ll have to fly home, he might have to hurt someone.  Or at least say very nasty things.

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