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Food Facsimilies

Recently I took a person from Switzerland to Mickey’s Tavern on the east side of Madison (WI), because he had read about it in the New York Times.  We could have gone to about thirty other places for the food and the feeling he wanted to experience at Mickey’s.  The experience he sought was the eating of a succulent hamburger that was actually delivered to his table by a live human being.  He had believed that McDonalds makes “American hamburgers,” and it was time that he learned the truth.  I could also have taken him to the Blue Moon Bar and Grill in Madison.  Those are, after all, the words to look for when you want to get a great burger:  Tavern, Bar, Grill, Bar and Grill.  If those words are not there, you might appreciate what you are eating, but it isn’t a great burger. 

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